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Disabled access.         
we have broken down the architectural barriers to access our center, thus guaranteeing dental care

Prosthesis repair directly on site.    
We know how frustrating the fracture of a dental prosthesis is and that is why we have organized ourselves to give the possibility to repair it directly in the day and when possible in a few hours depending on the extent of the damage.

Home visits or consultation for those Patients who are unable to move from their home.
It is designed specifically for those people with disabilities or motor difficulties and for the elderly who do not have the opportunity to physically go to the dentist. That of the home dentist is a reality that is spreading over time throughout Italy, also because there are many interventions that can be performed without problems at home. For patients and their relatives, it is the utmost simplicity, all you have to do is book an appointment depending on availability, describing the type of problem. At that point, once an agreement has been reached on the various practical aspects relating to home delivery, the day the visit will be carried out will be agreed.

In our office you will have the possibility to use ATMs and Credit Cards.

Consumer credit-Loan / Financing. 
It is possible to finance your health care costs directly on site, without any preliminary investigation costs.

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