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The Oris Dental Center, located in Rome in the Tuscolano district near the Metro A Lucio Sestio stop, aims to be a point of reference for all the people who live and work in this area and who can count on an excellent dental service. where to turn from a simple, but important, visit / check-up to top dental surgery.

Precisely for this reason it was considered fundamental, from the beginning, to surround oneself with people such as dentists, surgeons, hygienists, assistants and front offices valid both professionally and humanly in order to create a Group with a cohesive capital G and with a single Mission turned expressly towards the Patient.

The Oris Group always has this Mission present in every moment:

“We welcome patients with soul and dedication, learning from their points of view. We listen to the needs and propose, with enthusiasm and honesty, solutions that help them to savor the taste of life.

Through this Group it is now possible to perform innumerable dental services at our Center such as: Complete visit / check-up, Orthopanoramics, Facial Aesthetics (Filler), LED whitening, Laser Surgery, Invisible Orthodontics (transparent masks), Implantology ( even with immediate load), Prosthesis repairs and other services listed in the “Treatments” section.

Since the first thing that comes to mind is the possible pain during treatment, now you can overcome the phobia of the dentist with the help of “Conscious Sedation” (Nitrous Oxide) and in the most important cases (people with a high phobic level, autistic and with down syndrome) with “Deep Sedation”, in the presence of an anesthetist.

In addition, the use of supplementary corporate health insurance is increasing in Italy and especially dental insurance for both employees and personnel and we have therefore decided to agree directly with the major national health insurance companies that you can find in the “Agreements” section.


From the Latin Or – Oris, which means “mouth”, this is the reason for the name of the Dental Center.

Oris was born in 1993 in Rome initially as a dental laboratory.

The history of the current Oris Group – Dental Center corresponds to a courageous life path, undertaken by the founding partner (currently Owner and Sole Administrator) Domenico Spagnoli. We have chosen to tell you about it to share our story with you and to make ourselves known better by all our current and future patients.

Already at the age of 14, immediately after finishing middle school, Domenico Spagnoli was enrolled by his parents in the professional school of dental technicians, immediately knowing the real difficulties of “grown-ups” and the dynamics belonging to the world of work.

His days were very intense and sacrificing: Domenico came out of school, had a quick lunch with a sandwich, and off with the subway and bus to learn his future profession. His father suggested, Domenico says, to “steal with the eyes” and to do whatever the “master” would ask him to do, even humble tasks such as sweeping and rearranging the workshop at the end of the day. The dedication to work did not find a break even during the summer holidays: Domenico went to the laboratory learning with commitment and perseverance the difficult art of the construction of dental prostheses, specializing in fixed prostheses.

Once he graduated and completed the compulsory military service, at the age of 26, Domenico decided to set up Oris and thus entered the world of work. The courage to dare was immediately followed by a rather difficult first period: Domenico, a young entrepreneur, with no experience, without any consultant who could guide him in his business decisions, found himself alone to survive in a new world whose logic he had yet to discover. the rules.

After 15 years from the birth of his business, the Oris dental laboratory, Domenico senses that there is something wrong in his working life: he feels dissatisfied, restless, and thus finds the incentives to question his future and seek answers.

This answer comes almost by chance. At a trade fair in the sector, his attention was attracted to a company that deals with Business Coaching and Team Building and he was fascinated.

He therefore decides to undertake a corporate coaching path that leads him, at the end of 2010, to a business upheaval.

He makes an important, inner discovery, he becomes aware that the work he was doing, the dental technician, was not what he wanted for himself but he was doing it only as a form of thanks to his parents for the financial effort sustained, depriving himself, them, of what they wanted, to give him a future by paying for his studies and initially helping him to open the company.

This awareness and this upheaval at work led him at first to feelings of bewilderment, to the fear of making a decision different from what his parents had expected and therefore of disappointing them. Then he decided not to lose all that experience gained in all those years and with trepidation, enthusiasm and great motivation he decided to transform Oris by giving birth to the Oris Dental Center.

At this point Domenico, listening to his feelings, decided to give a classic imprint to the activity but with a hand extended to innovation, technology, continuous clinical and extra-clinical professional training for the well-being of the Patient as a whole as a Person, keeping in mind how he would have and would like him to be treated primarily as a person, in fact this attention is still found and appreciated by patients today.

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"Direttore Sanitario dott. Cascarino Ernesto iscrizione all'Albo Provinciale dei medici chirughi e odontoiatri di Roma n.40757 dal 12/07/1989"

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